Take a trip down meme-ory lane

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Internet memes come and go (just like everything else). Some stick around longer than others, some are here for a moment, then gone. But to ATM they’re certainly not forgotten.

The Meme Team have noted that memes pre-2008 (can we call them old school?) are still frequently generated and spread today whereas some of the popular memes within the last two years are only around for a matter of months or weeks.

Ben Huh founder of the Cheezburger network said to the Chicago Tribune that when he started the company in 2007, the life cycle of a meme was much longer. “People didn’t know what a meme was. You had to educate them as to what it was, although you didn’t have to know it in order to enjoy it. You knew that it was a format of a joke. Now what’s happening to memes is they’re getting smaller and smaller. So the life cycle is actually much, much faster. There are very few memes that break out of that life cycle.”

We’ve put together a shortlist of some of the most iconic memes of the decade with a little help from the extensive knowledge database at Know Your Meme and presented them to you in a nifty timeline. So take a trip down memory lane and have a laugh or two.


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