The Meme Team


Caleb Tan

A history and trivia buff who spends too much time online and too little time out of the house. Can be found rummaging through knickknacks and tacky collectables at antique stores on the weekends, favourite tunes include those by Actress and Bonobo.


Jeremy Tan

A budding lawyer/media practitioner who believes good food makes the world go round (and his belly). He would be lost without his guitar, camera, iPod and basketball. His OCD tendencies will be his demise someday. That or the zombie apocalypse.


Jonno Weiss

A sport obsessed, indie music loving student who spends most of his spare time going to pub trivia nights, playing football, and watching plenty of TV.  That is of course when he’s not belting out cliche songs on the piano.


Melissa Ong

A starving student/intern who would rather spend her $10 on a fashion magazine than a meal. While she’s not working on her fashion blog or procrastinating on meme sites, you’ll find her watching old episodes of the The O.C. with the hopes that one day the show will be restored to its former glory.


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